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Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics

Contact Investigations of Granular Mechanical Media on High Performance Computers


Project Description

  Spatial domain decomposition

The mechanically correct description and simulation of contacts between mechanical bodies still belongs to the most challenging and computation-time intensive questions. While, by simple methods, a relatively low number of particles can be already computed with sufficient accuracy and acceptable computation times, there remain difficult and interesting problems as soon as elastic deformations, complicated particle geometries or a huge number of particles have to be considered.

Parallel computation has the potential to alleviate current compute-based limitations, allowing much larger granular systems with greater physical reality to be analyzed. In this work we will do our simulation using parallel high performance computers, which are developing rapidly in the current ongoing computer revolution. So, the available current algorithms need to be extended and redesigned to suit the new architectures of modern parallel computers, therefore we will run our computer programs on different machines simultaneously and then collect the results by a master one. Appropriate load distribution schemes and different strategies for a concurrent and distributed collision detection and contact force computation have to be developed, implemented and investigated.

The Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) is a library that provides functions to handle communication between processors in a distributed memory environment, in which the process is created for each processor taking part in the calculation. The application needs also to be divided into suitable parts distributed to different processors where they will be executed.

  Message exchange between master, slaves and control-output codes