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Simulator coupling for mechatronic systems

Project Description

Simulation of complex engineering systems requires modeling of components from different engineering fields, e.g. mechanics, automatic control and electronics. In general, the global system has to be decomposed into subsystems due to the different engineering disciplines using engineering intuition to treat it efficiently by a team of engineers. The simulation of the global system is realized by a time discrete linker and scheduler which combines the inputs and outputs of the corresponding subsystems and establishes communication between the subsystems to discrete time instants.

The input-output description allows a dynamical analysis without knowledge of the internal structure of the system resulting in the well known ``black-box'' of the global system only by means of the input and the output terminals. Since the internal structure of a subsystem is independent of the global system structure, this approach supports in particular interchangeability and reusability of system blocks. Due to the modular description of systems independent modeling of the internal dynamics of each subsystem is sufficient. Coupling of the corresponding simulation tools provides a system to be simulated by different programs avoiding the disadvantages of a block simulator. Although standard solvers can be used for each subsystem, numerical problems arise from the coupling of the solvers. It is shown, that zero-stability for non-iterative simulator coupling is only guaranteed, if algebraic loops do not exist within the systems. Otherwise, instability of the modular simulation may occur. An iterative simulator coupling method opens a systematic and accurate way to combine simulation tools.


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