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Oscillations of Synchronous AC-Motors

Project Description

Mechatronic sytems are the result of the interaction between mechanical and electrical systems. Therefore the behavior of the total system depends on the features of the several mechanical and electrical subsystems. Only an overall system investigation can deliver the understanding of the total system.

A synchronous motor represents such a system. Because of forces, generated by magnetic coils which act on the stator and the rotor, there are deformations and movements in the system. On the basis of this mechanical changes there are effects on the electrical system by e.g. changes of the air gap between the rotor and the stator and induced voltages. The mechanical behavior of the motor can change because of this in a basic way compared with a configuration without magnetic forces.

In this project the vibration behavior is investigated in different operation conditions. The stator is assumed to be an elastic body loaded with local magnetic forces who act between the rotor and the stator. A particular interest are self-induced oscillations such as observed at existing motors.


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