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Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics

Vehicle Dynamics


Course Vehicle Dynamics

Winter term
Dr.-Ing. Pascal Ziegler
Dr.-Ing. Lars Kübler
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Meinders

Lecture content

The first part of the lecture communicates the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics via selected contributions in research. In doing so, the mechanical modeling and the mathematical description are concerned with vehicle systems for ground transportation that contain vehicle superstructures, support and guidance systems and tracks. In the second part, occupant protection systems in vehicles are introduced from industrial practice such as airbags and belt restraint systems, with all steps from modeling via simulation to experimental verification being treated.

Part I of the lecture is based on a modularization of the vehicle substructures with standardized interfaces: vehicle superstructures, support and guidance systems and track descriptions are the elements of complete vehicle-track-systems, which are supplemented by assessment criteria for the human vibrational feeling. The theoretical methods are clarified by examples of simple longitudinal, lateral and vertical motions.

Part II of the lecture gives attention to the fundamentals of occupant protection systems and the modeling of airbags and belt systems in a full vehicle. The experiments from subsystem testing towards crash tests are introduced. They are followed by the design of restraint systems. The excursion to TRW Automotive in Alfdorf delivers insight into the industrial practice.

Lecture information