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Abraham Chinedu Kalu-Uka

Herr M.Sc.

Institut für Technische und Numerische Mechanik (ITM)


+49 711 685 64724

Pfaffenwaldring 9
70569 Stuttgart


Effects of Variable Helix Shapes of Cutting Tools on the Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Milling Process.

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  • Anyanwu, C.; Onyia, C.; Uchendu, A.; Aneke, N.; Ohagwu, J.; Ojike, O.; Kumar, A.; Kalu-Uka, A.; Ukadike, O.: Solar Photovoltaic (PV)-driven Active Crop Drying System for Plantain (MUSA SPP): Design, Development and Performance Evaluation. Food Process Engineering (WILEY) 2021.
  • Kalu-Uka, G.; Kumar, S.; Kalu-Uka, A.; Vikram, S.; Ihekweme, G.; Ranjan, N.; Anosike-Francis, E.; Prajapati, G.; Nduba, A.; Onwualu, P.: Production of Activated Carbon Electrode for Energy Storage Application in Supercapacitors via KOH Activation of Waste Termite Biomass. Waste and Biomass Valorization (Springer) 2021.
  • Jide, K.; Ozoegwu, G.;Kalu-Uka, A.: A New Indigeneously Developed Dynamometer Design and Application in Cutting Force Analysis of a Turning Process. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, (Springer) 2021.
  • Kalu-Uka, G.; Kumar, S.; Kalu-Uka, A.; Vikram, S.; Okorafor, O.; Kigozi, M.; Ihekweme, G.; Onwualu, P.: Prospects for Biodiesel Production from Macrotermes nigeriensis: Profcess Optimization and Characterization of Biodiesel Properties. Biomass and Bioenergy (Elsevier) 2021.
  • Kalu-Uka, A.; Mgbemene, C; Njoku, H; Kalu-Uka, G.: Effect of Air Mass Flow Rates on the Performance of a Thermolectric Generator powered Solar Air Heater. Paper presented at the University of Nigeria Conference on Engineering Research, Technology, Innovation and Practice (CERTIP), 2020.
  • Kalu-Uka, A.:Modeling of Heat and Electricity Generation from a Conjugate Flat Plate Solar Air Heater. Masters Thesis, MEC 601. Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Nigeria Nsukka, 2019. (Mgbemene, C.; Njoku, H.)


Finding Certainty in Uncertainty Principles: My Journey to the Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics ITM, University of Stuttgart.

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