MOREMBS - History

The software package MOREMBS was founded in 2003 and successfully used in many industrial applications aswell as academic research.

Historical background

The topic of research flexible multi-body systems and the directly connected model order reduction is firmly established at the institute. Already in 1991 Frank Melzer worte a dissertation on the topic Symbolisch-numerische Modellierung elastischer Mehrkörpersysteme mit Anwendung auf rechnerische Lebensdauervorhersagen. Further works of Jürgen Haug and Udo Piram on the field of elastic multi-body systems again promoted this topic at the institute.

The software package MOREMBS was founded by Michael Lehner  from 2003 until 2007 and successfully used in industrial applications aswell as academic research. The initial software package was implemented in C++ and is now namend Morembs++. Since 2006, MOREMBS was extended to a Matlab based variant (MatMorembs) by Jörg Fehr. With MatMorembs, new algortihms can be implemented and tested quickly and an easy access to the field of model order reduction is possible.

Since 2010, the software was equipped with a straightforward and consistent data structure by Christine Nowakowski. Additionally, work is done on a graphical user interface, which makes the access to the wide functionality of MOREMBS easier. Since then, the software has been continouusly updated by Thomas Volzer, Michael Baumann, Philip Holzwarth, Benjamin Fröhlich and Nadine Walker.


MatMorembs is developed and improved continuously. To coordinate the access for many developers and to record the revisions, since 2008 version control tools are applied for MatMorembs. At the beginning subversion (SVN) was used and since the end of 2010 MatMorembs versions are controlled by Git. The process of development of the software package MatMorembs since version control tools are used is shown below in a video generated by Gource. The small figures represent the different developers and change the code which is symbolized by streams. Each dot and its color correspond to a lately changed file with its file-type. The branch shows the structure of the software and the effort in the development process of MatMorembs.



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