Representation at the inspection of examinations

Information for students, who want to be representated by a third person in the inspection of the exams

Representation during inspection is possible, but follows the rules laid down here.

  • The exam inspection is only possible on the announced dates.

  • At least 1 week before the inspection takes place the represented person and the representative come together with their identity cards to Prof. Eberhard or Prof. Hanss. There the identity cards are checked and a representation form is filled out and signed by the representative, the representative and the professor.

  • The representation form remains at the Institute until the exam inspection date and it will be given to the representative during the inspection.

  • Data protection is very important to us. Therefore, representatives and representatives must appear together in order to communicate clearly and verifiably that the representation is intended. Apart from the above-mentioned form, no information is available at the Institute and this information is only available until the exam has been inspected.

  • If the inspection is not attended by the representative, the form will be destroyed immediately after the general inspection and the representation will lapse.
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