MOREMBS - Interfaces

Morembs can read data from FE programs, process it and output it to EMKS programs.

Using a modular setup partitioned into import - reduction - export, MOREMBS is capable of reading data from various FE-programs (see figure 2). After the data import a model order reduction is performed. The gained data - the reduced elastic body - can be exported to a variety of EMBS-programs. In addition to these direct interfaces, there is also the possibility to use another tool, which builds up interfaces to further FE- and EMBS-tools (here, Permas is used).




  • utilization of standard FEM programs for modelling possible
  • data of the unreduced elastic body is imported and saved as an HDF5 data structure
  • direct interfaces to FEM software::
    • Abaqus
    • Ansys
    • Permas
    • itmFEM
  • neccessary files are depicted in figure 4
Figure 4: Interfaces with FEM tools


  • utilization of standard EMBS programs for the simulation of the reduced flexible bodies
  • data of the reduced flexible body are created in a desired format
  • direct interfaces to EMBS software:
    • LMS Virtual.Lab
    • Matlab und Matlab Simulink
    • Neweul-M2
    • Simpack
  • an overview is given in figure 5
Figure 5: interfaces with EMBS tools


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