How to find us ...

ITM, Pfaffenwaldring 9, 3rd and 4th floor


... on foot

The Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics is located at the 3rd and 4th floor of the building Pfaffenwaldring 9, that is the blue area on the map.
The front entry of Pfaffenwaldring 9 (also named IWZ) is located opposite to the main exit of the S-Bahn (train station). Also on the front side of the building there is the bus stop.
If you choose to park your car in the back of Pfaffenwaldring 9 (the green line in the map), you take the rear entry to get into the building.

... delivery

If you just want to briefly deliver something, you can park your car for a few minutes next to the institute. Therefore, follow the red route on the map.
In order to open the barrier, you have to use the call button and explain your occasion.

... by car

Coming from highway No. A8 or A81 you should head towards Stuttgart Stadtmitte as soon as you reach the highway intersection Stuttgarter Kreuz. The exit named University is the second exit after the highway intersection. After having left the highway, you should take a left on the big intersection and follow the red line on the map.

... by train

From Stuttgart railway station you should take one of the following S-Bahn trains leaving every 10 minutes. It takes you 10 minutes to get from the main station to the University:

  • S1: Direction Böblingen / Herrenberg
  • S2: Direction Vaihingen / Filderstadt
  • S3: Direction Vaihingen / Flughafen

You can easily reach the underground platform for the S-Bahn using the stairs located at the platforms of the main station.

If you don't have a train ticket all the way through to Stuttgart University yet, you have to get a ticket to University from one of the ticket machines. You have to pay for 1 zone. You find the ticket machines close to the entry of the S-Bahn, but - unfortunately - not on the platform of the S-Bahn itself.

Some trains in the direction to University will only take you to Schwabstraße. If you happen to take one of those trains, don't worry. Just get of the train at the last stop Schwabstraße and wait for the next train leaving in the directions mentioned above.

... by airplane

If you arrive at Airport Stuttgart, you should take one of the following S-Bahn trains to get to the University:

  • S2: Direction Schorndorf
  • S3: Direction Backnang

For both S-Bahn trains University is the 7th stop on the trip.

If you take the S-Bahn from University to Airport Stuttgart to fly out of Stuttgart, one of the following two S-Bahn lines would be your choice:

  • S2: Direction Vaihingen / Filderstadt
  • S3: Direction Vaihingen / Flughafen

railway map of the S-Bahn

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