The experimental evidence of the practical application of a theory or method plays a key role in the academic field of work. For this purpose, the institute's laboratory is available, which is constantly being expanded with new technology.

Laboratory "Yellow"

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It is on the 3rd Floor of the Pfaffenwaldring 9 and consists of the following premises:

  • Room 3.166, named as "yellow Laboratory",
  • Room 3.168, named as "green Laboratory",
  • Room 3.171, named as "blue Laboratory".

In order to match the names with colors, the respective doors are marked. The premises are available to all employees for experimental research and projects. Students can work in the lab, when they were sufficiently trained and informed by their supervisors.

Laboratory "Green"

virtual tour part 1

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The instruments and equipment were mainly purchased in the context of research projects. They are used for the following purposes:

  • research projects
  • student work (experimental studies, project, bachelor's or master's theses)
  • other educational purposes like practical training and demonstrations
  • industry projects
  • discussions and oral exams

Some excerpts of equipment and test setups are shown below. The photos were recorded in the different rooms.


This image shows Pascal Ziegler

Pascal Ziegler

Dr.-Ing., Akademischer Oberrat
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