Competence Center for Laser-Doppler-Vibrometery in Biomechanics

in cooperation with Polytec GmbH

Laser-Doppler-Vibrometery measurement of the movement of tiny bones
LDV-measurement of the movement of tiny bones

The Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics of the University of Stuttgart opened on Friday, the 15th November 2013, a center of excellence for Laser Doppler vibrometery (LDV) in biomechanics in cooperation with the Polytec GmbH.

Experimental setup with measurement devices and computers
Experimental setup with measurement devices and computers


The contactless measuring of vibrations is very important for laboratory experiments and under operating conditions. Modern measurement technology with laser Doppler vibrometers (LDV) enables the detection of even the smallest movements in the nanometer range. Especially during highly dynamic processes of small measuring objects the laser vibrometry has great advantages, since the measured object is not affected by the measurement. In the biomechanics research at the ITM the dynamics of hearing is studied intensively with engineering models and human temporal bones, together with the clinical partners. The goal of this research is the development and improvement of passive and active implants using computer simulations and experiments. In these experiments, Polytec systems are used for the precise measurement of the ITM for more than 20 years.

Laser measurement of an active middle ear implant
Laser measurement of an active middle ear implant

Objectives and Activities

Through a close collaboration between the ITM and Polytec the expertise of both partners are combined and presented to the public. In addition, the exchange of knowledge and experimental experience between the two partners is facilitated and systematized. With this cooperation some academic and industrial applications of laser Doppler vibrometer are shown. On the one hand the ITM biomechanics research team can profit from novel measurement applications, supported by Polytec. And on the other hand the Polytec GmbH has the possibility to present their systems for innovative applications in biomechanics and engineering and to establish customer contacts. The objectives can be summarized as follows:

Setup for the laser measurement of an actuator
Setup for the laser measurement of an actuator
  • Exchange of experiences and knowledge between the ITM and Polytec
  • Demonstration of professional LDV-applications in areas such as biomechanics and vibrations of mechanical systems
  • Application of LDV in the student training
  • Guided tours for interested people / clients in order to demonstrate typical applications in biomechanics, medicine and engineering
  • Demonstration of the linkage between measurements and simulations
  • Discussion of technical aspects of the LDV
  • Teaching of LDV basics to students in related courses
  • Provision of technical documents by Polytec for the competence center
  • If necessary, testing of new Polytec devices in practical applications


This image shows Peter Eberhard

Peter Eberhard

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. E.h.
This image shows Pascal Ziegler

Pascal Ziegler

Dr.-Ing., Akademischer Oberrat
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