Machine Dynamics


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Introduction to engineering dynamics including the theoretical basics of modelling and dynamics, computer-aided engineering methods and practical applications. Kinematics and kinetics, principles of mechanics: D'Alembert, Jordain, Lagrange's equations of second kind, multibody system modelling, computer-generated equations of motion for multibody systems based on Newton- Euler formalism, applications to mechanisms, rotor dynamics, vehicle dynamics, state space form for linear and non-linear dynamic systems with finite degree of freedom, free linear vibrations: eigenvalues, vibration modes, time behaviour, stability, forced linear vibrations: impulse, step and harmonic excitation, resonance, anti-resonance, critical speed of rotors.

Lecture information

This course is given in German. For contents and lecture information, please refer to the German website.


This image shows Peter Eberhard

Peter Eberhard

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. E.h.
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Pascal Ziegler

Dr.-Ing., Akademischer Oberrat
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