Oscillations in civil engineering


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Oscillations are omnipresent in various ways: The natural daylight varies in a certain rhythm, the water level on the coast changes with low and high tides or the pendulum in a clock oscillates back and forth. The focus of this lecture is the characterization and mathematical representation of oscillatory phenomena.

Kinematics of oscillations. Linear oscillations with one degree of freedom: conservative and damped natural oscillatious, enforced oscillations with examples. Linear oscillations with a finite number of degrees of freedom: natural oscillatious and enforced oscillations with harmonic excitation. Oscillations of continuous systems.

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    MASTER:ONLINE Bauphysik is a further education offer of the University of Stuttgart. The lecture oscillations in civil engineering addresses architects and engineers who want to improve their skills extra-occupational. This study programme is based upon the concept of Blended Learning. It is as far as possible time-independent and location-independent.
  • extent: 2 credits
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    online course with phases of attendance

Further information is available on the website of MASTER:ONLINE Bauphysik: 
Modul 8 - Bauphysikalische Anwendung: Schwingungen im Bauwesen (in German)


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