Data- and Response-Surface-Driven Design Assistant for Controlled Flexible Multibody Systems

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hon. Prof. (NUST) Dieter Bestle (Cottbus)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. E.h. Peter Eberhard (Stuttgart)

Project goals

  • development of strategies for the joint mechanical and control design of elastic multibody systems
  • strategies enabling efficient analysis of large-scale systems for automated design
  • design objectives for elastic systems including transient phenomena and effects not covered by formalized criteria, including generalized notions of controllability
  • machine-learned surrogates, objectives and control strategies
  • robust design regarding manufacturing uncertainties and operation conditions

Preliminary work

by ITM

  • generic methods for multibody system modeling and optimization
  • modeling, model-order reduction and simulation of elastic multibody systems
  • control strategies, especially optimal control based on model predictive control

by TMF

  • sensitivity analysis and multi-objective optimization of multibody systems
  • design concepts for complex technical systems on industrial scale (turbo machinery and automotive)
  • metamodeling and AI strategies for design

Potential contribution of modules to a holistic design assistant system

  • module for control design and controller synthesis
  • module for mechanical design of dynamical technical systems
  • module to assess (generalized notions of) controllability of flexible multibody systems
  • optimization-driven assistant for joint design of mechanics and control
  • surrogate models for elastic multibody systems
  • benchmark experiment for validating control strategies

How could other projects support our work?

  • specific machine learning methods
  • mathematical background of AI in probabilistics and statistics
  • tell us about your mechanical and control design problems

How can we support other projects?

  • experience in elastic multibody system modeling, model-order reduction and simulation
  • control concepts for multibody systems
  • experience in multi-criteria optimization, problem formalization and process integration
  • experience with design parameterization, function approximation and statistical sensitivity analysis



Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hon. Prof. (NUST) Dieter Bestle

Siemens-Halske-Ring 14, 03046 Cottbus

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Peter Eberhard

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. E.h.
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