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Contact Problems in Multibody Dynamics


Contact Problems in Machine Dynamics

Project Description

The simulation of a mechanical system with impacts and contacts requires a suitable mechanical modeling. The interaction of colliding machine elements is usually modeled with unilateral constraints. For the transition from the free motion of a multibody system to the motion with unilateral constraints different models may be used resulting in different time scales, accuracies and efficiencies. During contact local deformations of the colliding bodies and the contact forces are computed. After collisions the initial state of the continuing motion are determined. For this purpose, the boundary element method is coupled with the multibody system method.

The project is a collaborative work between the mathematicians at the Institute of Mathematics and the engineers at the Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics on contact problems in machine dynamics. The main goal of the research is the development of a simulation method for multibody systems with impacts and contacts where the global motion of the system is described using the multibody system method and where the local contact forces during impacts and contacts are computed using the boundary element method. Important topics include the simulation of multibody systems with impacts and contacts, the collision detection for contact problems, the boundary element method for impacts and contacts and experiemental vilidation.


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