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Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics

Investigation of Dynamic Contact by Multibody Systems and Experiments


Project Description

The modeling and numerical simulation of nonlinear multibody contact problems play an important role in many applications in mechanics. On the side of multibody dynamics, sophisticated contact models need to be developed, which remain to be simple when describing the macroscopic motion of multibody systems, but are necessarily complex so as to capture the information on local deformation of the contact region. In order to be able to evaluate the results of the simulation, experimental data are needed. Thus experiments have to be conducted systematically in order to isolate the influence of different materials and initial data. These data have to be compared with the simulation results. Conversely, simulation may be able to give information about data which is not accessible in the experiment, so that the actual behavior of the material can be better understood.

The experiments will be carried out based on the impact process of a rotating disk colliding with an elastic foundation, following the steps:

  • Design and realization of the releasing device.
  • Examination of effects due to various factors (Impact postions, velocity, material pairs).
  • Evaluation of macroscopic motions depending on material parameters by measurements on different time scales.
  • The throwing machine used is borrowed from the Institute for Applied Mechanics of TU München (Prof. Ulbrich, Prof. Pfeiffer). It was originally produced by Dr. Beitelschmidt/TUM in his dissertation and is kindly provided during the project time. The power electronics, the control logic and the data processing part for the throwing machine were however developed on our own.

    This project belongs to the joint project B8 "Contact Dynamics by Multibody Systems and Multigrid Methods" within the SFB 404 "Multi-field Problems in Continuum Mechanics". A collaboration has been established with Prof. Dr. B. Wohlmuth of the Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation, where mathematical analyses are made and algorithms are developed for the efficient computation of contact problems.

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