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Computer simulation of middle ear prosthesis

Project Description

The aim of the project is investigation of scientific fundamentals for development and improvement of passive and active middle ear implants using optimization of the frequency dependent transfer behavior between sound pressure and the mechanical motions of the inner ear.

The description of the motion of normal and reconstructed ear are based on three-dimensional mechanical models (Multibody Systems, Elastic Multibody Systems, Finite Element Systems). They can describe realistically the spatial situation in the middle ear as well as the spatial motion of the ossicles and implants.

The parameters of the models are estimated by theoretical considerations and measurements on the entire system. An efficient way is the measurement on partial systems. A main item is the identification of coupling parameters between implant and ossicle. Therefore a test stand is built to investigate the separated system by measurements. Variations of prestress and intermediate matierial are done.

For optimization of the sound transfer with the established models, performance criteria based on the behavior of the normal ear are used. These kriteria include quality as well as quanity of the sound transfer. Possible design variables are the parameters of the implants, geometrical situation of insertion and intermediate materials between implants and ossicles and structure of the remaining ossicles.

Figure at the right: Model of the middle ear with passive incus prosthesis

one dimensional model of an actuator of an active (mechatronical) prosthesis

Example of an active (mechatronical) prosthesis (from Suzuki et al)

Animated motion

Model of the middle ear, 11 degrees of freedom


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