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Metal workshop



  Illustrations of the common used workshop

The metal workshop offers a variety of metal-working machines and is shared with the following institutes:

The technical staff is employed by the individual institutions and the collaboration is governed by a framework of regulations. The main task is the manufacturing of precise engineering components and mechanic devices, which are needed for research and teaching.

Field of work

The different working areas can be structured as follows:

  • Planning and design of new constructions and devices
  • Construction drawing and drafting using CAD systems
  • Creation of CNC machine programs
  • Production and implementation of components and devices: processing of metallic materials by milling, turning, sawing, drilling, soldering, welding, as well as curve machining by CNC milling





turning machine
Gildemeister NEF 320 K

    - programmable
    - touch screen display
    - very accurate thread cutting possible
    - large diameter can be processed

turning machine

    - suitable for small parts / series
    - high-precision manufacturing possible

turning machine
Leinen DLZ 140

    - a lot of accessories and tools available
    - suitable for small parts / series
    - numeric digital measuring system

turning machine

    - removable machine bede
    - suitable even for very large diametere
    - many accessories available

milling machine
Hermle UWF 900 W

    - haidenhein CNC
    - fully programmable
    - high-precision manufacturing possible

milling machine
Hermle UWF 801

    - simple sentences programmable
    - wide field of application
    - spindle head swivel
    - winches for conventional working

drilling machine
Alzmetall AB 32

    - easy height adjustment of the table
    - infinitely variable speed
    - also suitable for large components
    - foot switch

drilling machine
Flott TB 6

    - easy to use
    - portable

band saw
Mössner SSF / 420

    - can be used for almost all materials
    - also suitable for large components

circular metal saw
Behringer-Eisele VMS 300

    - HSS saw blade
    - precise spindle vice
    - work stop with scale (in mm)
    - cooling lubricants can be supplied

Klaeger 200

    - HSS saw blade
    - very large workpieces can be cut to
    - cooling lubricants can be supplied

circular table saw
Dietz GD 223n

    - suitable for precise cuts

belt and disc sander

    - sanding for an improved surface quality


    Pfaffenwaldring 9, 3dr Floor
    Room 3.157 (Metal workshop)
    Room 3.160 (Stock)

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