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Ground Vehicle Dynamics


A system dynamics approach by Karl Popp and Werner Schiehlen

in cooperation with Matthias Kröger and Lars Panning

ISBN: 3-540-24038-9
Published by Springer 2010

"Ground Vehicle Dynamics" is devoted to the mathematical modelling and dynamical analysis of ground vehicle systems composed of the vehicle body, the propulsion, guidance and suspension devices and the corresponding guideway. Automobiles on uneven roads and railways on flexible tracks are prominent representatives of ground vehicle systems. All these different kinds of systems are treated in a common way by means of analytical dynamics and applied control. As a particular result of this integrated approach the state equations of the global systems are obtained including the complete interactions between the subsystems considered as independent modules. In addition to a detailed modelling of vehicles as multibody systems, the contact theory for rolling wheels and the modelling of guideways by Finite Element systems and stochastic processes as well as the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics for longitudinal, lateral and vertical motions and vibrations of automobiles and railways are presented.

Errata are available here